Sky animation using CSS3 animation and javascript for complex dimensions calculation, all stars are div

Les travaux listés ici ont été réalisés en autonomie, avec ou sans designer. Les travaux les plus significatifs ne sont pas listés ici.


chinexpansion chinexpansion 2 chinexpansion 3 chinexpansion 4

Realization of a smart lights management interface prototype

Specifications :

  • Each lamp, named pole, is equipped of a solar panel, a battery and a charge controller. Thereby the poles provided by ChinExpansion don't need an access to electrical network.
  • In order to reduce installation costs, each pole communicates by Wi-Fi rather than through wired network (which would require tunneling).
  • The Wi-Fi offers a huge bandwith compared to the system's needs (simple monitoring to detect potential problems occuring), some of these poles will be used for other purposes: IP security cameras, public Wi-Fi Hot Spots.
  • These poles being installed fairly straightly (mostly along the roads) each pole has to be a relay for the other poles located too far from the starting point of the network. Several solutions have been considered, the system has to adapt itself in case of a problem with one of the pole in order not to break the chain.
  • The last pole of the chain is connected to a secured internet connexion and directly connected to a server acting as an intermediary between users and poles
  • This solution is sold as a service to the cities regarding the lighting system and all or part of the access to the security cameras can be sold to the city or one or more SAs.
  • Finally, an ISP can pay for access to the Wi-Fi Hot Spots in order to give their clients the possibility to connect to it.



Realization of the new Degrif-Boat website using Prestashop CMS

Functionalities :

Tasks :
  • Work with a designer to create the design of the new website
  • Import a database from Ilixo partner
  • Realization of a prestashop module to quickly and easily create one or several renting offers
Some difficulties encountered :
  • I had to use Prestashop for these tasks but this CMS isn't made for renting (prices can be different according to the period of time but it only displays the actual price)
  • Every offer have a booking deadline, which is not supported natively by Prestashop
  • Prestashop handle taxes but there is nothing to handle agency commission costs

Projets de groupe 2011


Realization of a community website and a back-office for a driving school

Functionalities :

  • Clients management
  • Planification of training sessions
  • Trainers schedules and disponibility
  • Students notation by trainers accessible from their mobile phone
  • Management of vehicles disponibility
  • Overview of the evolution of students
Community Website :
  • access to informations about the school, news, prices, locations, ...
  • registration to the communautary forum

River-Boat & Promo-Boat

river_boat promo_boat

Realization of two websites and a webform for a boat rental company

Functionalities :

  • Boat search engine on the main page
  • List of every destinations and sub destinations available with their description
  • Javascript slider for the best offers
  • Contact form
  • Different pages about the company description, partners, news, general conditions, ...