Sky animation using CSS3 animation and javascript for complex dimensions calculation, all stars are div

Web Dev


I use the latest technologies and keeps myself up to date on the innovations as the native management of video and audio thanks to the ogg open source standard or the new sets of html tags. I'm also working on a personal project using Canvas.


I've already made several complete websites without using any framework or cms. I, on the other hand, made some other websites using Drupal, Wordpress, and lately Prestashop (modules development). I also worked on a personal project which uses OOP.


I'm able to use several of the main Javascript frameworks (jQuery, Prototype, Scriptaculous) as well as coding the same functionalities by myself. I'm also used to advanced notions of Javascript such as Ajax, JSON or prototyping of functions.


The Web Browsers are now compatible with most of upcoming CSS3 functionalities : border-radius, transition, fullscreen background without using the "img" tag or javascripts. I make sure that my designs uses the latest developments while remaining compatible with all major web browsers.


For my last internship, I had to deal with a database of about 50 000 fields and I had to make complex requests using subrequests, joins and many conditions. I also had to understand the structure of Prestashop database in order to adapt these two databases.



Cod2Radiant is a Map Editor for the game Call of Duty 2 optimized for brushes creation but can also import Maya models. As a personal project I planned to create a realistic modeling of a french city (Blois) by going there taking pictures and measuring the dimensions. Some textures are made from the pictures in order to be the more realistic as possible. However, I no longer lives over there and because of time, the map is not playable and I still need to work a lot on it.